7 Reasons To Embrace the Rustic Trend

- Aug 13, 2018-

Whether you’re perusing inspiration on Pinterest, touring model homes, watching HGTV, or browsing a furniture website, there’s something you probably couldn’t help but notice.

Rustic is everywhere.  

Or should I say rustic is still everywhere?  It’s not a new trend, but designers, homeowners, and renters alike continue to be enamored with it – finding ways big and small to incorporate it into their design.

And that’s not surprising, really, especially when it comes to rustic furniture.  Here’s why:

1. Rustic furniture is just. so. liveable.

Have you ever bought a new piece of furniture but were almost afraid to use it because it was too nice?

Not so with rustic pieces. Sure they look great, but their casual attitude makes you comfortable the minute they’re put in place. As if they’ve always been there. The distressing, low sheen finishes, and added patina that are inherent in many of these pieces makes them perfect for every day spaces.

2. It can warm up a room.

Without the right mix, rooms decorated in cooler tones, or modern and minimalist spaces, can sometimes appear a bit cold or unwelcoming.  The warm tones and patina of rustic furniture provides the perfect cozy counterpoint.

3. It’s easy to mix.

Rustic furniture is probably one of the easiest to mix with any design style, and it can keep your room’s design from being too predictable.

The dining room table below is a great example.   Each chair is a different style but they all look equally great with the table.  Choose any one, plus a rug and accessory swap, and you can imagine how the entire mood and style of the space could completely change.

4. You can use a little, or a lot.

In spaces where you want the character and warmth of rustic pieces but can’t commit, or don’t have room for a lot, one piece may be all it takes to add that perfect finishing touch.

5. Takes the edge off.

In rooms that are perfect in their shiny, new, well-decoratedness (technical term ;-) ) mixing in a rustic or reclaimed piece gives a sense of history and immediately relaxes the room.

6. Adds character and personality.

Rustic furniture makers pride themselves on including unique and interesting design elements in many of their pieces. These details make them an obvious choice for adding an extra dose of personality to a room.

7. Provides unique texture.

Texture comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials and is a necessary part of a successful room design. The interesting texture found in rustic and reclaimed pieces is hard to beat!