French Country Furniture

- Aug 01, 2018-

French furniture comprises both the most sophisticated furniture made in Paris for king and court, aristocrats and rich upper bourgeoisie, on the one hand, and French provincial furniture made in the provincial cities and towns many of which, like Lyon and Liège, retained cultural identities distinct from the metropolis. There was also a conservative artisanal rural tradition of French country furniture which remained unbroken until the advent of the railroads in the mid-nineteenth century.

French Country furniture brings a warmth and relaxed elegance to any room. An Old World welcome influenced by the natural beauty of Southern France makes this furniture style cozy, comfortable and irresistibly charming. French country style combines graceful details with the rough, raw elements of the rustic. The result is undeniably romantic, with a refined presentation that is modest and appealing. The presence of age is reflected in distressed and worn elements that create a friendly and understated display.

French country style furniture is also referred to as Shabby Chic, Vintage or Country Style Cottage Furniture and adapts easily to a variety of contemporary décor themes. French country furniture pieces do not have to be paired or matched for this style to work well. The balance of delicate curves that are never overdone with a homey, lived in appearance lets French country style furniture work in both a country cottage or a courtly estate.