High back sofa and air seat

- Sep 27, 2017-

High back sofa and air seat. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has three supporting points, and the waist, shoulder and back of the head are simultaneously supported on the back of the curved surface. The three supporting points do not form a straight line in space, so the technical requirement of making the sofa is higher, and the selection is difficult when purchasing. Making wooden tall back sofa, must be clear to make three points a turning point on the shelf, otherwise the sofa masked during the process is difficult to ensure the support position, give users a sense of discomfort. Buy high backed sofa should pay attention to form three supporting points on the back is reasonable and appropriate, can be determined through the test base. High back sofa is evolved from the couch. In order to improve the resting performance, the utility model can also be used as a footstool, and the height of the sofa can be the same as that of the front surface of the sofa seat before placing the sofa.