Modern Rustic Style Chunky Wooden Furniture

- Aug 07, 2018-

As we can see so far, 2017 decor is all about unconventional and creative combinations and bold solutions. Here’s another one trend that starts to grow in the interior world – a combination of modern and rustic interior design. Learn how to style this trend in your home!

Wood. We all know that it is a must-have material in a rustic interior. To achieve a modern-rustic look choose chunky wooden furniture with a visible grain of wood, but with simple lines and modern design, Benches instead of chairs work perfectly within this style! Try incorporating wood also in the decorative objects and accent pieces.

Metal. To give your rustic interior a modern twist you should use some metal elements. This trick creates the interesting contrast between the two elements and gives your interior that special “something”. A metal photographer’s floor lamp or a metal lampshade, as well as metal accents in furniture and decor are all great ideas to achieve that effect.

Texture. Include in your interior some features that have interesting texture like for example exposed brick wall, leather, fur, fluffy rugs etc. and mix them to underline the contrast between rustic and modern, but also to create balance and put the whole room together.