Rustic Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas that will Inspire Your Next Remodel

- Sep 26, 2018-

  1. Vintage Furniture, Sliding Doors, and Chalkboards

02-rustic-farmhouse-interior-design-ideas-homebnc.jpg This open kitchen and living room are perfect for relaxing with family and friends. Done in shades of beige and white, the room is pulled together with farmhouse style. The focal point in the kitchen is the chalkboard wall with a sliding door that evokes a rustic barn. The living room has cozy furniture with plump cushions. The coffee table is a more modern style, making a nice contrast to the vintage touches.

2.Breath of Fresh Air Master Bath Design

03-rustic-farmhouse-interior-design-ideas-homebnc.jpg Divided from the master bedroom with a sliding door, the master bath is an oasis of calm. Rough stone walls provide a nice contrast to the smooth countertops. The dual vanity sinks on either side of the towel cabinet are of a traditional shape but have modern drawers underneath. The reclaimed wood floor carries through from the bedroom into the bathroom.

3.How to Mix Wood and Metal Décor

05-rustic-farmhouse-interior-design-ideas-homebnc.jpg This hallway evokes a barn or stable with sliding doors and utilitarian light fixtures. Hanging opposite a large mirror is an abstract landscape painting. The reflection of the painting makes the hallway feel much larger and brings in a sense of nature. A steamer trunk-style chest of drawers completes the arrangement, featuring a stained glass star sculpture.

4.Farmhouse Meets Industrial Salvage Look

13-rustic-farmhouse-interior-design-ideas-homebnc.jpg This stair area has an intriguing mix of farmhouse and industrial styles. The industrial touches come in the black metal stair railing and the utilitarian metal chairs. A street sign provides a quirky accent. The rest of the room is in the farmhouse style with a reclaimed wood mirror. White blossoms stand in a tall glass vase. Tall pillar candles and a vintage book complete the arrangement.