4 Styles Of Sofa

- Sep 27, 2017-

Chinese sofa

It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and suitable for all seasons. The characteristic of Chinese sofa is the solid wood frame that is exposed outside. The sponge cushion can be replaced. This flexible way, so that the Chinese style sofa by many people love: warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, suitable for our country north and south temperature difference of larger national conditions. Its timber is a part of solid wood, moisture resistance, is the first choice for coastal cities.

Continental sofa

Simple lines, suitable for modern home. European style sofa is characterized by modern style, more elegant colors, simple lines, suitable for most families choose. This sofa is also suitable for a wide range of rooms in a variety of styles, I feel good. Twenty-first Century is more popular light colored sofa, such as white, beige and so on.

American sofa

The American style sofa emphasizes comfort mainly. It makes people sit in it and feels like a soft hug. But it occupies more space. From 2003 many sofa manufacturing process is no longer in spring but all is composed of a main frame with different hardness of the sponge, but not many of the traditional American sofa base in order to save time and effort and give up the spring, spring design still use the sponge, which makes the sofa is very strong and durable.

Japanese sofa

Emphasize nature and simplicity. The largest feature of a Japanese style sofa is a fence like wooden handrail and a short design. Such sofas are best for people who advocate a natural and simple home style. Small Japanese sofa, revealing a strict attitude towards life. Therefore, the Japanese style sofa is also often selected by some office places.