Sofa Behind Should Depend On

- Sep 27, 2017-

The so-called "rely on", also known as "backer", refers to the sofa behind the solid wall, reliable, no worries, so as to comply with the design of the home environment.

This can be evidenced by the seats used by the ancients, especially in court chairs. Ancient seats not only have back, placed in the wall of the location, and the seat of the pattern also to have mountain view is better, the meaning is also to rely on.

If there are windows, doors, or passageways behind the sofa, psychologically speaking,Behind the sofa is empty, the lack of a sense of security; from the perspective of Feng Shui, is behind no rely on, is scattered relief Bureau, have hidden Wangcai ding.

The improvement of the road: cabinet or screen can be placed on the back of the sofa, called "artificial backer", can play a role of remedy.

In addition, there is no water behind the sofa, so don't put the fish bowl behind the sofa. On the back of the sofa cabinet placed on the aquarium decorations such as water is not good, but put evergreen both health and science.